Tesla Cuts Prices By Up To 20%! Model Y Now Just $45,490!

Tesla has slashed the prices on its electric vehicles by as much as 20%.

Below are the new and old prices for Tesla’s various models:

Model Old price New price Difference
Model 3 $46,990 $43,990* -$3K (-6%)
Model 3 Performance $62,990 $53,990* -$9K (-14%)
Model Y $65,990 $52,990* -$13K (-20%)
Model Y Performance $69,990 $56,990 -$13K (-19%)
Model S $104,990 $94,990 -$10K (-10%)
Model S Plaid $135,990 $114,990 -$21K (-15%)
Model X $120,990 $109,990 -$11K (-9%)
Model X Plaid $138,990 $119,990 -$19K (-14%)

*The models marked in red also qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit (Eligibility may vary based on your taxable income).

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