Set of 2 Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Chairs with Canopy, Drink Tray and Pillow Only $79!

Set of 2 Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Chairs with Canopy, Drink Tray and Pillow  $79

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Deal is on Denim Blue or . Other colors are $169+

With the Bliss Hammocks Set of 2, Gravity Free Recliners, the stress will just float away as you recline back into your desired position. This Zero Gravity Chair is designed to put your body into the most natural position needed for rest, by improving circulation and giving you a weightlessness feel when fully reclined. The adjustable canopy and side tray allow for extra comfort and convenience to block out the sun while having a drink by your side! Also comes with an adjustable pillow that can be used as a head rest or lumbar support. Besides holding your drinks, the side tray also has 2 slots to hold a book, iPad, your phone, etc. You’ll feel total comfort while reclining in any position. The PVC-coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn, is weather resistant and cleans easily. Add the rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame with doubled bungee support, and you have yourself a long-lasting quality product! This set of 2 Gravity Free Recliners are ready right out of the box and no assembly needed! Comes with a 1 year warranty

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