[Update: Sold Out] Pack of 12 Sparkling Ice Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Water For Only $4.45 at Amazon

Update: Sold Out!

Pack of 12 Sparkling Ice Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Water  $4.45

Deal is only on the Raspberry Lemonade flavor

  • ZERO SUGAR Pretty sweet, right? Sparkling Ice Raspberry Lemonade brings on all the taste you’ve been missing, while making the sugar go missing, too.
  • FLAVOR YOU CAN TASTE This isn’t one of those hint-of-flavor sparkling waters. This is major flavor that will fruit up your taste buds.
  • VITAMINS & ANTIOXIDANTS Give me an A! Give me a B2! Give me a B5! Give me a B6! Give me a B12! Give me a D3! What does that spell? Healthy body! (Or ABBBBD, for you literal people.)
  • LOW CALORIE You can count how many calories there are on just one hand. Hint… it’s 5.
  • 12 BOTTLES So you can say your favorite flavor 12 times over with each multi-pack. The sparkle don’t stop, with 17 fl. oz. in each bottle.
  • FLAVOR FOREVER The end of your flavor journey is inevitable. But the quenching memories last forever because your favorite flavor comes in a recyclable bottle.

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