[Update: Dead] Lenovo Wireless Compact Keyboard For Only $11.29 at Amazon

Update: Dead!

Lenovo Wireless Compact Keyboard  $11.29

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  • Optimal for Flexible Workspaces: The Lenovo 100 Wireless Compact Keyboard is the perfect companion for modern flexible working environments. Its compact size ensures easy storage, fitting neatly into lockers and desk spaces when not in use, promoting a clutter-free workspace.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Featuring 11 Fn keys with shortcut functions, this keyboard offers improved productivity. These shortcut functions are conveniently within easy reach, allowing users to swiftly navigate applications, execute commands, and manage tasks efficiently, thus streamlining workflow.
  • Effortless Number Crunching: The inclusion of a dedicated numeric keypad makes number crunching a breeze. Whether you’re handling financial calculations, data entry, or other numerical tasks, the keyboard’s numeric keypad ensures accurate and efficient input, saving time and reducing errors.

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