Repost: USPS Can Email You Detailed Images Every Morning of What Will Be Delivered to Your Mailbox That Day!

Originally Published May 8th

Awhile back, we heard about USPS rolling out this ‘Informed Delivery’ feature but it was only to select zip codes nationwide. However last month, USPS made this feature available Nationally.

This feature will allow you to digitally preview your mail before it physically arrives that day. You will receive an email every morning with the front side of each letter allowing you to see who sent it and to whom its addressed.

Knowing what to expect in the mail could change how you plan your day. This is especially good for people who travel who’ll now be able to know what’s in their mail without having to send someone to retrieve it.

We personally receive an email between 7:20am to 8:30am daily. This is a really great way to know what to expect in the mail and easily notice if something went missing. If you received an image of a letter but not the physical letter, Informed Delivery makes it easy to report the missing mail to the Postal Service. Unfortunately, you cannot combine multiple addresses into one account so you’ll have to make a separate account for each address.


  1. Click here to go the USPS Website
  2. Enter your zip code to confirm this feature is available in your area & then click ‘Sign Up’
  3. Once you register, you’ll have to answer a few personal questions to confirm your identity
  4. Under ‘Account Management’ be sure that ‘Opt-In for informed delivery’ is checked off

You’ll begin receiving emails within 2-3 days

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