The Not So Talked About Feud Between Amazon and Google & How It’ll Affect Us Beginning January 1st

Update December 29th, 2017: Doesn’t look like this feud is ending anytime soon. Google has already removed YouTube from all Amazon Devices including Fire TV and Echo. That’s three days earlier than what they announced. Read how it got to this point below.

The Not So Talked About Feud Between Amazon and Google & How It’ll Affect Us Beginning January 1st, 2018

In what has gone under the radar the last few months, the growing feud between two of the most powerful companies in the world, Amazon & Google, is about to go to the next level. As the years have gone on, these two tech giants have broadened their businesses to a point where they overlap in many areas. Now, in 2017 they seem to have finally hit a breaking point.

Earlier this month, Google announced that beginning January 1st, YouTube will no longer be compatible with Amazon Devices like the Echo Show & Fire TV. This by Google is in response to failed negotiations with Amazon who declined to carry Google products like Google Home and Chromecast on its site. So now, Google Cast Users won’t be able to use Prime Video and Amazon Device Holders won’t be able to use Youtube.

Most recently, Amazon pulled most of the Nest Smart Thermostats [a Google product] off its site. From a business standpoint, its understandable why Amazon pulled all these Google devices off their site as these gadgets are in direct competition to their Alexa powered devices. In fact, if you search for “Chromecast” on Amazon, it will take you to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick device and if you search “Google Home” it’ll take you to Amazon’s Echo Device.

A Google Spokesperson said that they have set a deadline of January 1st to resolve their differences before YouTube is removed from Amazon devices. This will no doubt be a huge blow for anyone with a Fire TV Stick.

While these two giants battle it out, the obvious losers here are all of us. Just about everyone uses YouTube and Amazon Prime & the farther apart these two go, the more of a bind and hassle us consumers will be in. This has the potential of being a long and fierce battle between these two mega giants or they can come to a ho-hum agreement in the next week and put all this petty drama to bed.

Originally posted December 24th, 2017

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