Navage Nasal Care Saline Nasal Irrigation Kit For Only $53.99 + Free Shipping After 40% Off!

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Navage Nasal Care Saline Nasal Irrigation Kit

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This sells for $90+ at other top retailers

The world’s only nasal irrigator that uses powered suction!  Navage pulls refreshing saline in one nostril, around the back of the nose, and out the other nostril flushing out allergens, mucus, dust, and germs.  It is like the difference between a vacuum and a broom!

Only Navage has powered suction to help relieve congestion caused by cold and flu, allergies, dry air, sinusitis, dust, ragweed, post nasal drip, environmental pollution, and pregnancy rhinitis.  Navage also helps reduce snoring and improve sleep.

Navage Nasal Care is Nature’s Decongestant. It is safe, effective, all natural, and drug free.

The Navage Nose Cleaner works exclusively with Navage Salt Pods to deliver a perfectly balanced saline rinse safely, effectively, and with exceptional convenience. You’ll LOVE that clean nose feeling!

Note: Prices change frequently without notice. If the above item is not available at the listed price, then the deal is over.

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