4 Piece Inside Table Tennis Portable Table with Net Set For $125 + Free Shipping!

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This is the perfect table for anyone looking for a fun game of table tennis at an amazing price. A sleek frame and separable folding halves each measuring 53 x 30 inches make this table perfect for compact storage, easy setup, and solo playback mode. 1/2-inch (12mm) wood composite surface creates durability and a consistent ball bounce. 3/4-inch resin apron and one-inch steel legs are used to create a durable table that will last you years. The table legs feature two-inch smooth rolling casters with-foot lock operation. Simply lock the wheel in tightly for storage and stability and unlock when moving for easy transportation. The included net and post set features a simple removable clamp post and an adjustable tension system. Start playing like a champion with equipment designed for winners. Perfect for home and family fun. Entertain your guests and create a leisure game room atmosphere with this tennis table.
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