Amazon Unveils ‘Amazon Day’ – Where Prime Members Can Choose What Day To Have All Their Packages Delivered

Do you not like receiving Amazon packages sporadically throughout the week? Do you have your packages stolen from your doorstep?  Do you not know what to do with your packages when you’re out of town? Then ‘Amazon Day‘ might be the perfect thing for you.

Earlier today, Amazon launched “Amazon Day,” a new delivery option that will allow Prime members to select a particular day to receive a week’s worth of Amazon shipments.

From CNN:

Starting Tuesday, all Prime members in the United States will be able to select a particular day to receive a week’s worth of Amazon deliveries. After a Prime member enrolls in the “Amazon Day” service, Amazon will hold everything they order throughout the week, and it will deliver the items together on the customer’s selected day.
Amazon’s new feature could persuade customers who place multiple orders a week to receive them all together. The company said that could reduce the amount of shipping materials. It may also reduce the number of stops Amazon deliveries need to make.
Amazon Day will appear as a delivery option for Prime customers on Amazon’s online store. If customers enroll, they can still select another delivery option for individual packages, including two-day or same-day delivery. Additional items can be added to Amazon Day shipments up to two days before a customer’s shipment date.