⭐ Elite TJB Deals Membership Information [Nov/Dec 2019] ⭐

Update 12/29: Eilte Membership has maxed Out! Congrats to all the new members!

The form below will be active until January 1st and you’ll be placed on the waiting list. You’ll only be able to accrue membership credits for now.

We will finally be opening up Elite TJB Deals Memberships to the public. Until now, you only gained membership thru our contests, giveaways and referrals. But not anymore, though there will still be plenty of giveaways.

What you get with Elite Membership:

  • You get all the deals first!
  • Many times, the deals sell out in our Elite group before we can publicly send them out

  • Most other times, when its finally sent out to all our social media, it sells out instantly mainly due to our nearly 30,000 followers on Whatsapp and many people just don’t have at an adequate chance at purchasing them
  • You’ll also get some member exclusive deals
  • Individual deal alerts for previously expired/sold out deals

Important: We’d like to emphasize again, if you just want to continue following us on our regular Whatsapp groups or social media pages, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. You will continue receiving the very high quality deals you’re accustomed to.

The price for Elite Membership will be $19.99/month. You’ll get $3 off per month for following us on Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp so its essentially $16.99/month. It’s priced this way so it can continue being exclusive and not be overly saturated.

$488 worth of things for Only $67.88

Note: There will be several easy ways of getting credits toward your membership fees.

Membership Credit opportunities (these are one time credits):

  • $3 credit for each new member you refer to our regular Whatsapp groups
    • You must get a unique referral link from us
    • Referral credits will apply 14 days after the new member joins our groups. So for example, if you refer 20 people to join our groups on January 3rd, if they’re still in our groups on January 17th, you’ll have a $60 credit toward your Membership fee.
  • You can also get a one time $3 or $5 credit by signing up for a free trial for a new Amazon program. More info will be given to you after you’re approved and we should have these opportunities on a monthly basis.
    You can start accruing these credits today even if you don’t/can’t sign up for Elite yet.
Top deals so far in 2019

Please submit the form below if you’re interested in signing up for our Elite TJB Deals Membership or just want to start accruing credits.

All sign ups will be reviewed.

Pricing & promotions above expire December 31st, 2019. You can lock it in thru January 31st by filling out the form below.

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