Application For Elite TJB Deals Membership for April

Update March 31st: We will not be adding any new paid members for April. Only current members and contest winners can join for April. Please fill out the form below only if you’re a current contest winner

Membership Information:

  • You’ll get access to dozens of exclusive deals that never make it to the main page
  • You’ll get all the super hot deals and price mistakes way before everyone else
  • Many times, the deals sell out in our Elite group before we can publicly send them out
  • Most other times, when its finally sent out to all our social media, it sells out instantly mainly due to the over 30,000 followers on Whatsapp and many people just don’t have at an adequate chance at purchasing them
  • So far, we’ve had a 99% renewal rate for paid members.

Pricing: Elite Membership is $19.99/month. You’ll get $3 off per month for following us on Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp so it can easily be $16.99/month. It’s priced this way so it can continue being exclusive and not be overly saturated. Once you lock in a membership price, it’ll never go higher for you even if we raise the price of the membership. You can cancel at anytime.

Membership credit opportunities:

  • $3 credit for each new member you refer to our regular Whatsapp groups
    • You must get a unique referral link from us
    • Referral credits will apply 10 days after the new member joins our groups. So for example, if you refer 20 people to join our groups on March 3rd, if they’re still in our groups on March 13th, you’ll have a $60 credit toward your Membership fee.

Membership Form

Please message us on Whatsapp after submitting the form to expedite the process

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