⭐ Elite Membership Update ⭐

Update: After more than 4 months, we will finally be opening up more slots to our Sold Out Elite Membership on April 23rd, 2023!

We will be opening a limited number of Elite Membership slots on Sunday, October 30th at this link. Sold Out

The sign up link and time will be posted in the morning of October 30th and the link will go live later that day!

As always, first come first serve and will sell out within seconds.

Recent Elite Deals:

1. $1,000+ Dell Computer Only $169.99

2. $1,800 Samsung 75-Inch TV Only $799

3. Hundreds of dollars of free items from Amazon like Batteries, Diapers, Vitamins and Much More!

4. Enormous Price Mistakes(?) on Area Rugs at Amazon! Up to 95% Off After Huge Coupons!

5. 50-Inch Amazon Fire Smart TV Only $99

6. Royal Gourmet 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill For Only $79.99!

7. And TONS More!

And that’s besides all the deals that we posted right here in these groups. If it sold out too quickly in these public groups, elite members had access to it before everyone else.

  • This will be on a first come, first serve basis (subject to approval).
  • Memberships have sold out within seconds every time we’ve made them available.
  • We have an over 99% Renewal Rate for our Elite Memberships.

Membership Information:

    • You’ll get access to dozens of deals that never make it to our home page
    • You’ll get all the super hot deals and price mistakes way before everyone else

Pricing: Elite Membership $30/month. There’s a 7 day money back guarantee. Once you lock in your price, it’ll never go up no matter what price the membership increases to.

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  1. Hi! I’m so excited to finally get a slot! I paid through Paypal and have the Paypal receipt but not an email with a code. Also, I can’t find the page where I need to enter my info. Once it changed to sold out, it only shows the wait list form and not the other one. Please advice. Thanks!

    • If your payment went thru, your spot is reserved pending your form. We will reach out to you later today or tomorrow with final steps

      • thanks for clearing that up! Can we setup auto renew? I would be devastated if it lapsed by accident after finally getting in

  2. You should put the Samsung Refrigerator deal first on this list. $3500 luxury fridge for only $499 shipped to door

    • To retain its exclusivity and give all elite members a chance to order the super hot deals before it sells out

  3. Hey! I’m new to the group and y’all have already saved me on a lot of financial hardships with some of the deals. How much will the membership cost and is there anything I need to know for May 1st? Thank you!

  4. Not sure what you mean. If you mean where to sign up, we will post the link on the morning of May 1st.

  5. How and when will I receive my renewal? I signed up on August 30 and was added on September 2 so today is 1 month

    • You will receive a renewal notification in the next couple days. Our 1 month memberships aren’t 30 days….they’re usually around 35 calendar days.

      For future questions about your membership, please message the Elite admin.

      • Thanks will do. I didn’t want to risk missing the renewal and being removed. Appreciate the response.

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