[Update: Sold Out] 12 Cans of Early California Ripe Pitted Medium Black Olives for Only $1.99 at Amazon!

Update 1:50pm: Sold Out!

12 Cans of Early California Ripe Pitted Medium Black Olives $1.99

Most likely a price mistake. If you only receive 1 can, chat with Amazon for a return-less refund

We use a unique California curing process that removes the bitterness and gives our olives their smooth, savory flavor, provides the right amount of texture, and produces a rich, dark-brown color. Using sea salt rather than iodized salt, this curing process requires more time, effort, and expense, but the results distinguish our Black Ripe Olives from all the others. If you like our Pearls and Early California olives, try some of our other delicious varieties. With everything from black olives, green olives, and olives pitted, we have what you need. Our black olives sliced, black olives pitted and olives fresh are a great addition to any meal. We have a Specialties line of premium and stuffed olives to make any occasion feel special. This includes kalamata olives pitted, green olives pitted, organic olives and martini olives. Enjoy our family olives with your family.

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