Tips for maximizing Amazon’s Subscribe & Save:

How it works: Amazon’s Subscribe & Save (S&S) program offers a discounted price on an item, free shipping on every S&S order, and automatic shipment of the item every one, two, three, or six months – whatever you decide. You can cancel Subscribe & Save at any time at no cost or penalty.

The discount on a S&S item is 5% if you have up to 4 subscription orders but 15% off per subscription when you have 5 or more subscriptions in a month.

The price when you subscribe for a given item is valid for your first shipment only. After that, it’ll update to its current price at the time of your next shipment so its important to keep an eye on your orders. You can skip or cancel a subscription at anytime. We recommend you set a reminder on your phone for your S&S orders to cancel the ones you ordered on promotion once you receive your first delivery.

Many S&S items also have Amazon coupons! A great way to maximize your savings is to look for items with an Amazon coupon to go along with your S&S discount. You can see a list of current Amazon coupons here.

As mentioned above, you can get 15% off ALL your subscriptions if you have 5 or more subscription orders in a given month. Therefore, if you’re at 4 orders in a given month, it can be worthwhile to add a subscription for an air freshener (~$0.90) just to get to 5 subscriptions to bump up your discount to 15% off all items!

Imagine you have subscriptions for a box of diapers (~$25), case of bounty (~$20), & Toilet Paper (~$16) your total would be $61 for those 3 items. However, if you subscribe to those 3 items + add subscribe & save filler items like this air freshener and baking soda, you will trigger an extra 15% off all the items making your total only $52 with 2 extra items.

If you’re using S&S for just a one time order, you can subscribe to the item but only cancel the subscription once the product ships or arrives by you. If you cancel your subscription before the item ships, you will not get the item.

The ship date for a S&S item is usually a few weeks after order date. To expedite the ship date, you can go the subscription and click on “Change Delivery Date” – Do NOT select the option to “skip the delivery.”

To cancel a S&S order, you go to ‘Your Account’ then ‘Your Subscribe & Save Items’ and select the subscription(s) you want to cancel.

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