Sign Up for a Subscription to Spotify Premium for Only $0.99 and Get a Google Home Mini FREE!

Update: Deal Is Over!

Sign Up for a 3 Month Subscription to Spotify Premium for $0.99 and get a Google Home Mini FREE!

Instructions: Follow Every Step in Order!

  1. Click here and sign up for a 3 month subscription to ‘Spotify Premium’ for $0.99 [New Accounts Only]
  2. Now Click here and upgrade your new account to a ‘Spotify Premium Family Plan’
    1. You won’t be charged the $14.99 even if it implies that it will. Since you first signed up for the regular premium account, the family plan continues with the free trial — “Your plan will automatically renew on 1/18/19 and you’ll be charged $14.99 + tax.” – [Read below on how to cancel before then]
  3. After you sign up, you’ll receive an email with information on how to redeem a Google Home Mini for Free
  4. Open the email and click on “Get It Now” – and ‘purchase’ the Google Home Mini.
  5. If you don’t get an email immediately, you can try redeeming free Google Home from here.
  6. The discount will automatically be applied at checkout making the $49 Google Home Mini free with free shipping!
  7. Cancel your subscription to ‘Spotify Premium Family Plan’ before it is renewed automatically. Ideally, you should cancel it once you get shipping confirmation. You can cancel your subscription up until 2 months into your subscription. You can cancel your account by clicking here and cancelling your premium plan.
  8. You can verify your Spotify charges by click here. It should say $0.99 here. However….
  9. If you did mess up in any way and it charged you more, you can chat with them to get a refund.
    Click here and then click on “account”, then “other,” and fill out your info and start chatting with them to get a refund.


  1. “Your plan will automatically renew on 1/18/19 and you’ll be charged $14.99 + tax.” – Just cancel before then

  2. Do I need to sign up for the family plan to get the home mini?
    The family plan is 14.99

  3. Was scared i would be charged the $14.99 for fmaily plan but my credit card was only charged the .99!
    Thx a billion!

    • You won’t be charged the $14.99 immediately. -Your plan will automatically renew on 1/18/19 and you’ll be charged $14.99 + tax.” – Just cancel before then

  4. This was great! Three people in my family ordered it for $1.06 each! Once the speakers arrive in the mail well cancel the account!

  5. Any way to get a different color? Only pink available for me with the rest out of stock

  6. Can i wait til the other colors are available again or shouldn’t risk it and just take the coral one. Leaning on settling on ordering now

  7. I signed up for it about 15 minutes ago and never got an email about the Google home

  8. Price doesn’t adjust – it’s staying at $49.99. Am I supposed to enter the CC?

    • When you click on the link from the email, it’ll show the $49 discount automatically

  9. Signed up 6 times using my same address with 6 different variations. Will flip them for $25 each at the very least for a $143 profit!!!

  10. Is it possible that it won’t work in Quebec? I’m getting that when I try sign up

      • What if I started the monthly premium yesterday for.99cents & then went to the next step that stated the $14.99 charge,so I stopped & didn’t go further.If i start where I left off yesterday & upgrade to family premium, will i get charged the $14.99 because it’s a new day. I can’t really afford the $14.99, so I stopped at that step yesterday when you posted instructions. Advice & is it a GUARANTEE I won’t get that charge? I read the terms & conditions & couldn’t find the auto renew date of Jan 18 19…Thanks for you help & please help!I greatly appreciate it!

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