These Jaw-Dropping Casino Stats Should Make You Never Want To Gamble Again

Everyone knows that Casinos are very profitable. But I doubt many people know the extent of their profitability.

Below, is the Net Wins [profit] for Nevada casinos for the month of November and for 2018 as a whole.

– Net Profit For Nevada Casinos in January 2019:

  • Penny Slots: $283.2 Million
  • Baccarat: $95.9 Million
  • Blackjack: $90.2 Million
  • Craps: $34.7 Million
  • Roulette: $29.4 Million
  • Sports: $14.6 Million

Net Profit For Nevada Casinos in 2018:

  • Penny Slots: $3.3 Billion
  • Baccarat: $1.2 Billion
  • Blackjack: $1.1 Billion
  • Craps: $386.4 Million
  • Roulette: $384.1 Million
  • Sports: $301.0 Million

To avoid any confusion: That’s the money the casinos profited from customers.

Some Additional Notes:

  • These penny slot stats aren’t outliers. Over the past couple years, Penny Slots have consistently profited casinos over $200 Million a month.
  • Penny slots do NOT mean all coin slots. Those numbers above are literally only from Penny games.
    For example, in November, Nevada casinos also made “only” $3.5 Million in 5 Cent Slots, $23 Million on Quarter Slots and $46 Million on Dollar Slots. In all, they profited $634 Million in slot machines alone in November!
  • Those looking for poker: Poker is lumped into a separate category called “Card Games” which netted $9 Million in November and $119M so far in 2018. The reason for such a ‘low number’ is because you’re playing other customers, not the house.
  • In 2017, Nevada Casinos net profit:
    • Baccarat: $1.1 Billion
    • Blackjack: $1.2 Billion
    • Craps: $393.5 million
    • Penny Slots: $3.1 Billion
    • Roulette $367.3 million
    • Sports: $248.7 million

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[Source: David Purdum Via Nevada Gaming Control]

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    • No because more people may be playing the other games hence the greater profits. Unless all games are played the same amount, I don’t see any use in this stats… Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

      • You are right. The roulette wheel is only 51% in the houses favor. That’s probably the best game to play. Saying how profitable they are is irrelevant, it’s all in the percentage that the house wins vs. The gambler wins.

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