Poll Question: Did Your Price Mistake Orders From Reebok Ship?

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Did Your Price Mistake Orders from Reebok Ship?
Did Your Price Mistake Orders from Reebok Ship?
Did Your Price Mistake Orders from Reebok Ship?

Update 06/24: Dead! Don’t miss out next time, get all the latest deals as it happens on Whatsapp by clicking here

Reebok Men’s Training Essentials Woven Pant Only $2.38 + Free Shipping

Reebok Men’s Ridgerider Leather Shoes $3.76 + Free Shipping

Reebok Men’s Speed TR Flexweave Shoes $3.96 + Free Shipping Sold Out

Reebok Men’s Speedwick Knit Trackster $3.96 + Free Shipping

Reebok Men’s Tough As Iron Crew Tee Only $1.98 + Free Shipping Sold Out

3-Pack Reebok Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs Only $2.28 + Free Shipping Sold Out

Reebok Women’s SPEED TR FLEXWEAVE Shoes $3.96 + Free Shipping Sold Out

Reebok Women’s Training Essentials French Terry Hoodie Only $3.46 + Free Shipping

Reebok Women’s Ridgerider Trail 4 Shoes $4.45 + Free Shipping

Reebok Women’s Print Her 3.0 Shoes $5.94 + Free Shipping

Reebok Men’s Print Run 3.0 Shoes $5.94 + Free Shipping

Reebok Women’s Training Supply Knit Pants $3.96 + Free Shipping

Reebok Men’s Active Enhanced Printed Crew Socks $1.09 + Free Shipping

You can scroll through here to find many more price glitches!

These are sold and shipped directly from Adidas via eBay

Play around with the sizes/color if you don’t get the glitch price.

You’ll even get an additional 30% off when you add 2 to cart!


  1. 3 shoes, hoodies and sweatpants for $12.64 shipped!
    Now hope they honor it!
    Thanks guys!

  2. I added shoes to my cart then go to checkout and got message that it wasn’t available, tried again it was available after $40 price increase

    Ended up buying a different pair.

  3. The shoes are available in other colors and in all sizes too $3.48

  4. I was suppose to be in bed over an hour ago lol
    16 items for $92 later, and im ready for bed

  5. Most of the ones under $5 are sold out. They have nice styles in the $8-$12 range also.

  6. I JUST ORDERED THE “Reebok Women’s SPEED TR FLEXWEAVE Shoes $3.96 + Free Shipping”

  7. Whoa cant believe i didn’t miss this by the morning.
    Great deals!

  8. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and will return when they are fixed. thank you for your patience.

    So looks like the Orders will be canceled.

  9. The hoodies and the underwear shipped. Fingers crossed for the shoes!

  10. All orders were canceled. Disappointed. Guess, it was too good to be true.

  11. nothing shipped yet
    saw lots of negative feedback about cancelled orders
    hope my shoes are shipped today.

  12. I got 2 of my orders today and 3 more of my orders have just shipped!
    Crazy that they shipped each one individually but they shipped

  13. I got an email from paypal refunding $3 for one of my orders but it still shows as being processed on eBay.
    Out of my 8 orders, 1 has shipped, 1 refunded by paypal and 6 more have yet to be updated

  14. No updates yet from ebay on my orders but they did leave me positive feedback already so I’m hopeful

  15. There’s no option for me.
    I got 1 refund/cancel from PayPal but have a couple orders still outstanding

  16. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was wondering if anyone noticed the transaction date on the PayPal refund email for the orders. Its listed as Dec 1, 1969 on all the emails. Any idea what this might be about?

    • I have no idea. I’ve noticed it too. I certainly need my money back though. It’s a “pending” transaction. I haven’t gotten anything from EBay saying they were cancelled though. Super strange

  17. Still showing estimated delivery date but nothing was shipped or cancelled yet

  18. Nice seeing some people got part of their order shipped. Giving me hope lol
    Still waiting here

  19. The apparels are shipped except for the shoes. Did anyone get any luck with the shoes they ordered?

  20. I just got a refund for 1 of my orders. I got delivered 1 and cancelled 1. I think I have like 5 more still left


  22. No update today either for me. Nothing shipped and nothing cancelled so far

  23. Only received 1 item. Got refunds from papyal for my other orders. Spoke to Reebok and they’re giving me 40% off sitewide

  24. 3 pairs of shoes have shipped. 1 pair of shoes and 1 shirt were refunded but not cancelled. And I haven’t gotten any information on about 30 other items.

  25. My orders are in various states of cancellation, this is what I wrote to their form letter I was sent. Personally I think I make a very valid point. When stuff is selling for a penny its pretty obvious it is a Glitch.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with your company. I’m confused. You had a sale, and now you’re telling me that you marked down the wrong stuff and are cancelling my order. I spent a long time finding the specific sizes and colors of the items I wanted. It was listed as a sale on several internet sites like retailmenot, etc.

    Many of the items were already marked down to 70 and 80% off and offered at a BOGO 30% off. That was an amazing sale. Just like this item you currently have listed.


    You price your items the same way at your official Amazon site, or shall I say, you are running the same Scam.
    This links shows your Active Chill Tee available for a wide range in
    Price: $8.71 – $30.00

    After searching around XXS in White is $8.71 from Reebok
    XL in Black is $30.00

    As a shopper, how am I supposed to know what prices are valid sale prices and what are mistakes? Otherwise I feel like this is a bait and switch. Now you’re offering me a 35% off coupon after cancelling my order were I had a better deal.

  26. This was probably all a result of eBay’s disaster of a site changing the prices in error. Do any of you really know how messed up eBay is? They screwed over Hasbro last month with site errors and it seems to have happened again with Reebok. These companies should ditch eBay. Period.

  27. update – i just got delivered one of the orders i got refunded for.


  28. Got 1 pair of sneakers delivered today. Best $5 sneakers ever lol

  29. Nothing shipped for me and only 2 items refunded.
    Heard reebok will actually honor all orders if it wants to stay on ebay. That was ultimatum they got from ebays

  30. eBay
    New message from: reebok_official (33,707TurquoiseShooting Star)

    As you may know, your recent Reebok order on eBay was cancelled. A technical error caused some of our listings to be offered for lower than anticipated prices. We would like to apologize! For your inconvenience, we’re extending a special discount just to you: an extra 35% off your next order from the Reebok eBay Store (reebok_official) through July 14, 2019 (11:59pm PDT).*

    Please use this link to access your discount: http://ebay.us/SZgxQw

    Thank you for understanding. And again, we apologize for the error.


    Reebok Customer Care

    *Some exclusions apply, follow link to shop items available in the sale. Valid only with reebok_official on eBay. Add a minimum of one unit from the promotion for discount to a

  31. Please everyone put negative feedback for this transaction. Actually they can cancel w/o contact you. Legally in time you pay it’s your stuff even in their possession

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