Whatsapp Giveaway: We’re Giving Away $3000 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Update 07/16: Promotion has ended. Follow us on Whatsapp for future opportunities by Clicking Here

Whatsapp Giveaway #3: We’re Giving Away $3000 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Top Prize will now be $1500 but another $1500 will be split among 74 people in various amounts from $5 – $100.

Instructions for people not in our groups yet:

  1. If you’re not in one of our 92 groups, click here to join
  2. Once you’re confirmed or added to one of our groups,  click here to get info on how to submit your entry
  3. Giveaway Ends 07/15
  4. [If you were already in our groups, the contest details were posted there already]

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