Top 10 Deals of 2018! What Made #1? How Many of the Top 10 Were You Able To Order?!

Seems like there’s a 2018 rankings for everything from top 10 news stories to baby names to heroes and even food trends.

So we decided to do a top 10 of our own: “The Top 10 Deals of 2018

It was very difficult narrowing down thousands of deals into only 10 but we used an algorithm based on number of clicks, purchases, conversion rate and percentage of orders that were honored to come up with this list!


From August 21st:

Price Mistake! Modus Furniture International Trellis Panel Bed [California King] Only $10 at Amazon!

A lot of research goes into every post, especially price mistakes. On this particular deal, we had to do a double take when we saw this bed for only $10 at Amazon. First thing we did was look at the price history for the bed which had it around $300. Then, we check the item and shipping weight to make sure its for the entire bed and not lets say, the headboard only. So if you scroll down to Amazon’s product information, it’ll show you the item weight – which was 143 pounds. Definitely, the weight you expect a bed to be and an insane deal at only $10!


From July 23rd:

Portable Clothes Cleaner/Stain Remover For Only $0.08 After Promo Code!

Insane promo code deals like this one always puts us in a bind. Because we know these kind of deals will sell out within seconds, we use to just post it on our exclusive Elite TJB Deals as to not deal with the hundreds of messages on Whatsapp like “these were sold out before we clicked on it” or other complaints. But this particular deal was available for a good number of minutes after we posted it on our elite page so we sent it out on Whatsapp. To our surprise, hundreds of these were available, sold and most importantly, shipped! And no worries now, we send all our deals on Whatsapp.


From: December 12th:

HURRY! Bluetooth Neckband Headphones For Only $1.00 After Stacking Promos!

Bluetooth speakers and headphones have always been a hot item but these stylish headphones for $1 were a big hit. These headphones happen to have great quality and sound. One downside is that it lacks battery durability. You’re looking at about 4-5 hours max of non-stop use on a full battery. Then again, you got it for the price of a pack of gum. But if you checked out with No-Rush shipping, you actually got it for free after the $1 credit!


From November 1st:

Tremendous Price Drops/Price Mistakes On Various Ashley Furniture! Save on Chairs, Mattresses, Tables & Much More!

This deal had people scrambling to their computer early in the morning. Amazon had tremendous price drops on Ashley Mattresses, Chairs, Tables & Much More. While many orders were cancelled, Amazon offered generous credits as compensation. But many people received a big surprise by their door in the weeks to come when despite receiving a cancellation email, their order was still delivered! For those who had their orders fulfilled, this is probably their #1 deal of 2018.


From July 29th:

PRICE MISTAKE: Amazon Echo Spot For FREE at Amazon!

This was the #1 clicked Amazon deal of 2018. Amazon literally had this listed for $0.00. No promo code or coupon necessary. Amazon honored many of these devices, which are currently valued at $129.99 but they did cancel a lot of them too. But to their credit, Amazon gave out generous credits to those that had their orders cancelled.


From November 25th:

Price Mistake! Get Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixels for Free + Free Shipping!

This deal had the most clicks of all our deals in 2018. However, due to the fact that most (if not all) of the orders were cancelled, dropped down to #5. However, what saved this deal was that later on that very same day, we found an Amazon glitch for Free iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Screen Protectors! that were honored. So these 2 deals combine together to take home #5 in 2018.


From March 18th:

Promo Code Glitch at ShutterFly! Get Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Photo Cards, Magnets, Address Labels, Luggage Tags & More For Free!

Shutterfly offers great promotions every couple of weeks – but their promotion usually consists of “Get so and so item for free, just pay shipping” where the shipping fee is usually inflated. On this particular deal (glitch?) they were offering free shipping sitewide! You were able to order hundreds of dollars worth of personalized magnets, photo cards, address labels and more for free + free shipping. This is probably #1 in terms of greatest value received on a free “purchase” in 2018.


From January 30th:

HURRY! Get $50 Off Your $50 Purchase At Banana Republic

This too, had people scrambling for their computers early in the morning. This was suppose to be a $50 off $200 promotion but it was taking $50 off $50 purchases! Many people did multiple orders with each order being as close to $50 as possible to maximize their savings.


From November 19th:

Sign Up For A 3 Month Amazon Music Trial For Only $1.99 & Get a 3rd Generation Echo Dot FREE!!!

Amazon’s goal is to get this foundational echo device in every home, even it means giving it away for free. But more importantly, to make sure the first voice controlled computing device people will have in their home will be their device, and not Google’s (more on Google’s device below).

With this deal, you were able to get 3 months of Amazon Music (Valued at $23.97) + the 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot (Valued at $49.99 when deal was posted, now $29.99) for Only $1.99 total! This took home the #2 slot because of its great value, high click rate but most importantly 100% fulfillment.


From November 17th:

Sign Up for a Subscription to Spotify Premium for Only $0.99 and Get a Google Home Mini FREE!

This deal was by far and away the most popular deal of 2018. What gave this the edge over some of the other deals on this list was the fact it was available for several weeks. With this deal, you were able to get Google’s voice controlled computing device – the “Google Home Mini” [Valued at $50 when deal was posted, now $29] + 2 month’s of Spotify family premium [$30 Value] For Only $0.99 + Free Shipping!

This wins the “2018 Deal of the Year” for having an A rating in terms of clicks, purchases and fulfillment.

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Honorable Mentions [Ordered by date]

How many of these deals did you score?

What was your favorite deal of 2018?

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  1. 2 of my Ashley furniture orders showed up at my door even though they emailed that they would cancel it. So ended up getting it for free!

    I got 6 of your top 10 deals!

  2. My whole home is Alexa compatible now since I first got the echo dot. Life changer!
    Thanks for everything and happy new year!

  3. The water gadgets and loungers were my favorite. We spend 2 months of year liviing by the water and we updated everything thanks to your deal.
    Thanks again!!

  4. I’d love nothing more than to join elite but ty for your hard work and dedication all yr round to saving everyone money.

  5. Cant believe i only found out about this site a few months ago.
    Besides my email, this is the site i check most often.
    Happy & healthy 2019

  6. I guessed my top deals before reading the post and I got quite a few of them. Totally forgot about the shutterfly glitch.
    On to a stronger 2019!

  7. Feels like there are so many deals that can be top 10. I personally loved the new york to miami deal you posted last week because we instantly saved $800!
    My entire family now following you.
    The best best bestttttt!

  8. #1 site for shopping deals and even airline deals! We all saw that other deals site copy even your airline deals too without crediting. Very unethical and sad!


  9. Ordered 15 google minis. Gave away 7 so far for holiday gifts and have 8 more to give out as birthday or misc gifts for next year.
    $15 to save over $400!

  10. Wife was never happy when the basement kept filling up with so much furniture that we bought from your site for cents on the dollar. Then we were able to save up enough money to purchase a 2 family home and have the basement all furnished for a higher rent. Making $400 a month extra from the apartment being furnished! $3200 and counting. We are very thankful for your site

  11. Love the quality of deals you post as opposed to the quantity other places post. Very succinct, concise and to the point.
    Many more coppping in 2018!

  12. No honoroble mentions for the ocuntless uber and lyft credits you post? How is that not a top deal? Its FREE transportation!
    But Thx for e/t!!!

  13. 1 of my favortie posts that i dont see was all those $1 things u posted from i think ebay or office depot. Got a boatload of items from there.
    That was my introduction to your site and have been a die heart ever since.

  14. not sure how i feel about talking to alexa all day but i cant live with out it now. I even order things from amazon through alexa

  15. Such a fantastic deals site that no other site is even worthy of being #2 as that would be too close.
    Your site has been life changing in this new fast paced and digital age.
    Continued success in your future

  16. Got 4 but amazon cancelled 2 of the other ones. Got $25 and $10 back from that.
    So 4 of top 10 deals.
    Paid a grand total of $14 for $400 worth of items and $35 in credits lol

  17. I wasnt lucky, got nothing from the list!

    Ashley: order cancelled
    Screen protector: order cancelled
    Earbuds: order cancelled.

    • Did you chat with Amazon to get compensation for Ashley or earbuds cancellation?
      Did you order the price glitch screen protectors from amazon that very same day?
      How’d you miss deal #1 and #2?

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