Potential Huge Price Mistake: HP 14 Slim Laptop For Only $39.99 at Walmart!?!?

Update: The Glitch Has Been Fixed. Now $308.99

Potential Huge Price Mistake: HP 14 Slim Laptop For Only $39.99 at Walmart!

This deal is suppose to be for the additional software that comes with the laptop. However, the “About this Bundle” section on the product page clearly shows (at least to us) that the Bundle includes the laptop. Here’s the screenshot below:

When you go to cart, it shows as if you’re getting the “HP 14 Slim Laptop, 14″ HD Display Pale Gold with Software”

This is one of those deals that you can put an order in and if you get the laptop, you just scored a huge price mistake. If you just get the software, you can return it for a refund.


  1. My zip code didn’t work but i changed the zipcode and was able to put my order for shipment to my regular address!
    Thank you!

  2. Just tried it. They are blocking it by saying it’s not available for delivery or pick up in my area.

  3. “not available for delivery or pickup in your area” oh, well
    Hopefully some folks get this great deal!

  4. It tells me pickup or delivery is not possible to my zip code (and i tried a few zips)

  5. 4gb ram 128ssd Radeon))) this is just real price you need at least $200 update to get not so weeak for today laptop. so buy new for $200 it’s a lot on the market

  6. No dice for me in 95128:

    “We’re sorry, the item below can’t be delivered to or picked up in your ZIP Code.”

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