New Uber Eats Customers: Get $57 in Free Food! ($7 Off Your 1st Order and $5 Off Your Next 10 Orders; Do Pickup Orders To Bypass Fees)

New Uber Eats Customers: Get $7 Off Your Next Order and another $5 Off Your Next 10 Orders!


  1. Download the Uber Eats App
  2. Open the Uber Eats app and go to the Promotions tab
    • The click on ‘Add promo’ or ‘Enter Promo Code’
  3. And enter the following 2 Promo Codes:
    1. eats-tjbdue
  4. The first code above will give you $7 off your first order and the second code will give you $5 off your next 10 orders.

    • In total, you’ll be getting $57 in free food and if you select in-store pick up, you won’t be charged any fees!

The 10 $5 promotions expires September 23rd.


    • You put in the promo codes before making any order.
      Go to the promotions tab and enter the 2 promo codes.
      It’ll show on that page that they’ve been applied to your account.
      Then you go ahead and make your orders.

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