[Update: Settlement Payments Have Commenced] Get Up To $100 From Yahoo’s Massive Data Breach Settlement!

Update 06/09/23: Nearly 4 years after posting about this Yahoo Data Breach, the settlement payments are finally coming through. If you signed up back then, check your emails.

Originally posted September 2019

If you had a Yahoo account between January 1st, 2012, and December 31st, 2016, and were a resident of either the United States or Israel, then you’re in line for a cash payout via a pending class action settlement.

Settlement Details:

Between 2012 and 2016, Yahoo was hacked several times which exposed the personal information of millions of accounts. Yahoo has now has agreed to a $117.5 Million settlement via a class action lawsuit.

Similar to other data breaches (see Equifax breach), you’re not just entitled to a cash payout. Yahoo will offer 2 years worth of credit monitoring services for free to anyone affected by the data breach. If you decide to only get a cash payment, then you must first prove that you already have a credit monitoring service with a different provider. You can sign up for a free credit monitoring service via Credit Karma and them claim the Yahoo cash payout.

Right now, the settlement page is listing the cash payout as $100. However, much like the Equifax settlement, that number can be much lower if too many people apply for the cash payout. Yahoo wrote “Payment for such a claim may be less than $100 or more (up to $358.80) depending on how many Settlement Class Members participate in the settlement.”

Furthermore, if you can provide documentation or proof that you suffered out of pocket losses (including lost time) from the data breach, you may be entitled to up to $25,000.

How To File A Claim:

Click here to go to the claim website and select the claim that’s relevant to you. For the regular $100 claim, you need to select the ‘Account Holder Claim Form.’

Claims can be made online or by mail. The deadline to make a claim is July 20th, 2020.

For complete information about the settlement, visit the Yahoo Data Breach Website.


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