Wondering How Much Money You Spent on Amazon in 2020 or Since You Started Shopping? Here’s How To Check

Ever wonder how much money you’ve spent on Amazon since you started shopping or over a certain period of time?

Here’s How to check: [Note: The instructions below are for desktop/computer]

  1. First, Select “Your Account” from the Amazon Homepage
  2. Then, Go to the “Ordering and shopping preferences section and click “Download Order Reports”
  3. Next, select any Date Range you want and then click on ‘request report.’
  4. After a few seconds, your report will be displayed in the ‘Your reports’ section of the page
  5. Open the downloaded file in your spreadsheet program (i.e Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc).
  6. From there, you can see complete details of your Amazon purchase history
  7. Go to column called ‘Item Totals’ and sum up it up to get your purchase history total

    • On Google Sheets or Excel, you highlight the entire ‘Item Totals column and select the function button (looks like a sideways M) and select Sum’ or Autosum

And there you have it…You’ve downloaded your Amazon order history!


  1. If you purchased an amazon gift card and then used the funds of those gift cards, it’ll technically count that purchase twice. Not positive about this though

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