⭐ Only 4 Days In: Here’s a Review of What Deals Our Elite Members Had Access To and When!

When we opened up our Elite Membership publicly, we had planned for it to be open for applications until January 1st. However, due to overwhelming interest, we maxed out quickly and had to end applications on December 29th!

Memberships won’t be available for purchase again until the end of this month. Only way to get in at the moment is through our contests and giveaways. We are currently running a giveaway for Elite Memberships on Twitter and Whatsapp.

As an Elite Member, you get:

  • You get all the super hot deals and price mistakes well before everyone else (You’ll see timestamps below)
  • Many times, the deals sell out in our Elite group before we can publicly send them out (You’ll see a few examples below as well)
  • Most other times, when its finally sent out to all our social media, it sells out instantly mainly due to our nearly 30,000 followers on Whatsapp and many people just don’t have at an adequate chance at purchasing them
  • You’ll also get some member exclusive deals
  • Individual deal alerts for previously expired/sold out deals

Here’s a look at some of the deals that Elite Members had access to the first 4 days of the year:

This insane deal on Fossil Women’s Sport Smartwatches (sells around $150 at other top retailers). This sold out in our Elite group.

This shower filter and Clark’s Oxfords. The shower filter was completely free and the Clark’s oxfords was only $14.29! Both sold out before we can send it out publicly.

Elite Members had access to these 2 super hot deals well before everyone else.

Elite Members also got an easy $5 Venmo, $5 Kindle Credit and this Game of Thrones Day to Day Calendar – all FREE!

And plenty more deals!

Our memberships are sold out thru January 31st. Only way to get in before then is through our contests and giveaways. We currently have 1 giveaway running on Twitter and one running on Whatsapp.

Good luck!