⭐ SUPER HOT! Get $30 Off Your Next Uber Eats Order! New Users Can Get $37 Free!

Update: Dead!

HOT! Get $30 Off Your Next Uber Eats Order!

This works for existing and new Uber Eats members. Some Accounts will Receive 2 $30 Offers!

[If you don’t have Uber Eats, you can Download the app [For iPhone or For Android then go to the promotions field and enter promo code: eats-tjbdue to get an additional $7 discount]

Instructions for the $30 Promo:

  1. First, you need to sign up for a free “Eats Pass” Membership: Open your Uber Eats App and scroll thru the offers on the top of the home page until you see an offer to sign up for “Uber Eats Pass.” The offer may appear as “Unlimited Uber Eats Pass” or “Save with Eats Pass” or “Unlimited $0 Delivery Fee – 5% Off with Eats Pass or “Try 1 Month Free of Eats Pass.” Click on the promo that you get (like the one below). If you don’t see any of these offers, then you’re unfortunately one of the few who aren’t eligible for this deal.
  2. Now sign up for a free month of Eats Pass (It’ll be free the first month and then $9.99/month after but you can cancel anytime and not be charged the $9.99 (we’ll show you below in step 4)
  3. Now go to the Promotions field in the app and you’ll see the $30 off your next order there! Some people may actually see 2 $30 promos! We highly recommend you use this offer as soon as possible as Uber Eats has pulled some offers from people’s accounts in the past.
  4. To cancel your Eats Pass Subscription, simply go to the “Eats Pass” section of the app and turn off “auto renew”


  1. Didn’t work for me but worked for my friend. I guess Eats Pass doesn’t work in 75032

  2. For some reason my account aside from getting the $30 off for Uber eats it also gave me 52 50% off codes

  3. I opened a new account and it still works! I got 2 $30 off coupons and a lot of 50% off coupons but they all expire July

  4. Made 2 sushi platters for today via pickup. $120 worth of food for less than $25!
    It’ll be a great shabbat dinner thanks to u

  5. Still works! Just made an account for my parents and siblings $150 free food!!


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