⭐ HURRY: 12-Pack Protein2o + Low Calorie Protein Infused Energy Drink For Only $1.67 (Was $25) at Amazon!

Update: Sold Out!

12-Pack Protein2o + Low Calorie Protein Infused Energy Drink  $1.67 

This was selling for $25 before this price drop. Most likely a price mistake…HURRY!

  • Made with whey protein isolate rich in BCAAs, highest Leucine content of any known protein, necessary for muscle protein synthesis
  • 125mg caffeine per 16.9 oz. bottle (naturally sourced from green coffee beans)
  • Certified OU-D Kosher, gluten free, lactose free, no artificial flavors, preservative free and BPA-Free
  • Provides all 9 essential amino acids and has a Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0, the highest quality score a food protein can have.
  • 15g whey protein isolate, 0g sugar, 70 calories, 2g carbs
  • OU-D Certified

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