⭐ Xbox X and S Series Consoles Will Be In Stock at 2:30pm and PlayStation 5 Will Be In Stock at 3:00pm Eastern!

Update: 03/18: Walmart will be restocking new Xboxes at 2:30pm and the PS5’s at 3:00pm eastern time!

Walmart PS5 Console 

Walmart PS5 Digital 

Walmart XBox Series X

Walmart Xbox Series S 

There are also rumors that Amazon will have over 40,000 PS5’s in stock at some point today. Keep the checking the Amazon links below just in case

Amazon Links:

PS5 Console

PS5 Digital

If they’re in stock but not letting you add to cart, use the links below for best shot at scoring a purchase

PS5 Console (Direct add to cart link)

PS5 Digital (Direct add to cart link)

Links for all other retailers in case it goes in stock there as well:

PlayStation 5 Console:

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition:

XBox Series X:

XBox Series S:



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