Applications for 2nd Round of PPP Loans Are Live!

Applications for 2nd Round of PPP Loans Are Now Live!

Apply now through a simple online application and get up to 100% of your loan forgiven! For best user experience, use the Chrome Browser.

Originally Posted January 8th

2nd Round of PPP Loans Will Open Up By the End of the Week But You Can Get a Head Start on Your Application Now!

Although the SBA has not yet started to accept applications for Round B of PPP, you can get ahead of the rush and get started Now! Millions of businesses will be applying, and the funds were quickly depleted in the beginning of the first round early last year. 

Eastern Union Funding has helped over 10,000 businesses get approved in the first round of PPP, working with a highly sophisticated lender that was one of the top 3 PPP lenders! Because this financial institution has a significant loan processing capacity, they have the ability to process a high volume of loans and are expecting to have a fast turnaround time.

In the previous PPP round, applications through this lender were reviewed and decided upon within 2 days of receiving an eTran number from the SBA. By starting now, you’re taking an important step in applying for PPP. You’ll also receive timely communications with program updates to help ensure that your application can be completed and swiftly submitted to the SBA.

Click here to get started

Simply enter your email via the link above and click Submit. You will then be automatically redirected to the banking partner’s website to start the preliminary application.
(You only need to enter general information at this stage. After creating your account, you will be able to resume at a later time.)


  1. The 1st round i had to wait nearly 2 months to get my loan because funds ran out so quickly. Great idea with this pre application to get ahead of everyone else

    • Shortly after approvals, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on how busy they are

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