⭐ Uber: Get $5 Off Your Next 9 Rides After Promo Code! [$45 Total]

Update: Besides the 5 codes below, you can get another $5 Off Your Next 4 Rides with promo code:  SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021

Now a total of $45 Off Your Next 9 Rides!

Uber: Get $5 Off Your Next 5 Rides After Promo Code!

Go to the “Wallet” portion of the Uber app and then scroll all the way down to “promotions” and enter the following 5 promo codes

1. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021_1

2. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021_2

3. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021_3

4. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021_4

5. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021_5

6. SORRY_5_OFF_US_2021 (new code)


  1. It’s a shame they expire 12.31 and 1.10.22

    What are they sorry for?

    If it’s for the revoked Amex credits this past weekend.

    It’s a bigger insult to give a short lifespan coupon codes.

    Looks like they are pushing sales for end of quarter/year.

  2. The _5 didn’t work for me either. Thanks for these!
    FYI, the 4 ride promo expires on Jan 1.

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