(Update: Dead) 🔥 HOT! 12-Pack Great Value LED 18 Year Light Bulbs for Only $1.97 at Walmart! 12-Pack of GE Dimmable Light Bulbs Only $2.97!

Update: Dead!


1. Click on any of the options below and once you’re on product page, you’re going to change the store zip code to 55720.

  • You can do this in the upper left corner. Be sure to change the store zip code and not your shipping zip code

12-Pack GE Dimmable Daylight LED Light Bulbs $2.97

12-Pack Great Value LED 18 Year Daylight Light Bulbs  $1.97

12-Pack Great Value LED 18 Year Soft White Light Bulbs  $1.97

2. After you change the store zip code, the price will adjust to the price indicated above.

    • [Note: If you see “Check availability nearby” and you can’t add to cart, that means the deal for that particular item sold out]

3. Now in cart, mark the order as a gift (You’ll see that option above the subtotal)

Now checkout. You’ll be able to ship it to your address

Shipping is free for Walmart Members or on $35 orders. You can get a free 30 day trial of Walmart Plus here

This hot deal like all our hot deals was posted first on our Elite page along with tons of other deals that never make our public page.

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  1. Was able to make 8 different orders and after the 1st one I didn’t even have to mark it as a gift! Cha-ching!!

  2. Next time can you also please put instructions for ordering from a phone? It’s similar but took me 4 try’s to get it

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