Here Are 7 Costco Shopping Hacks That All Shoppers Must Know!

7 Costco Shopping Hacks That All Shoppers Must Know!

1. Costco has specific price codes that go into each item’s price tag. For example:

  • An item with the price ending with .97 cents means the item is on clearance
  • If the price ends with .88 cents or .00, then that item is discounted by Managers
  • If an item is priced with a 9 at the end like at .79 cents, .89 cents or .99 cents, etc that usually indicates regular priced items.
  • If there’s an asterisk* on the price tag, it means the item won’t be restocked and is on a liquidation price. So if its an item you love, you should stock up on it since it won’t go back in stock.

2. If you purchased an item at Costco and then the price decreased within 30 days of your purchase, you can request a refund for the difference from Costco.

3. You don’t necessarily need to be a Costco Member to shop there. You can ask a current member to purchase a Costco gift card for you which you can use to shop in store. Each Costco store though has a different policy in terms of whether they’ll only let you shop for the amount on the gift card or if they’ll let you pay the extra difference by cash/credit card.

4. The best deals are always found on the edges of the store or all the way at the end of the aisles. Avoid the middle aisles if you’re looking for bargains. The middle aisles have the highest prices because that’s a high traffic area.

5. Kirkland items are usually priced better than the name brand and in many cases, the Kirkland product is manufactured directly from the name brand. For example, Kirkland coffee varieties are made by Starbucks and their wipes and diapers are made by Huggies.

6. Shop on Instacart: You can get same-day delivery from Costco via Instacart. Delivery and fees may be extra. If you have a Chase credit card, you can get up to 1 year of Instacart+ for Free. Also, new Instacart Members can get $10 off their first order via this link.

7. Lastly, Costco’s return policy is probably the best of all retailers. Just about everything in the store is returnable and you can even cancel your membership at anytime as well.

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  1. I literally signed up for a Costco membership yesterday after a long time of pushing it off, so this information is Amazing, thank you!
    On a side note, the only thing to know about the return policy is that for electronics they enforce a strict 90-day return policy.

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