Hulu: Get a 1 Year Subscription For Only $1.99/Month! Plus Get Disney Plus Ad-Free Version with your Hulu Membership For Only $2.99/Month!

Update: Expired!

Hulu: Get a 1 Year Subscription For Only $1.99/month! 

Use a new email and credit card when signing up if you previously had an account with them.

Adding Disney Plus Subscription to Hulu Subscription!

After you enter your payment information on Hulu, you’ll be directed to a page where you can choose your add-ons and that’s where you can select Disney+ for only $2.99/month!

The Disney Plus subscription will only work as long as you have an active Hulu membership and they’ll both be set to auto-renew. So set a reminder on your phone to cancel the subscriptions in November of 2023.

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  1. folks this deal is way better than indicated. during checkout select Disney+ no ads addon for 2.99/ month indefinitely as long as you keep the hulu subscription. i confirmed that the first year is 4.98 / month all in. after one year price goes up to 10.98/ month. it’s a killer deal for hulu and Disney+ combined!

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