[Update: Revel Will Honor All The Free Codes Until 12/31/22] ⭐ SUPER HOT! Get $510 in Stackable Promo Credits For Revel Rideshare!

Update #2 11/19: Revel announced today that they will honor all of the free codes until 12/31/22!

Update #1 11/17: Deal Has Expired! New Accounts Now Only Getting $50 in free credits! Congrats to everyone who got up to $510 in free credits! Don’t Miss Another Deal

Originally posted November 16th

Earlier this afternoon, we posted a super hot deal (first as always) for our Elite Members for up to $510 in free promo credit for Revel Rideshare – a ride sharing service which is somewhat similar to Uber and Lyft but among many differences, only use Tesla vehicles.


1. Download the Revel app

2. Go through the signup process and enter promo code:  AVIS6478

3. After signing up, go to the menu in the app and click “Redeem Code” and enter all of the promo codes below:

If one of the codes appear to not work for you, just move on to the next one and it’ll most likely apply anyways when you check your total promo credits. You can check by going to the payment section of the app.

If you didn’t enter the code at signup, you can try entering  AVIS6478  again.

4. BLUE20
5. BLUE10
6. RIDE20
7. RIDE10
8. REVEL20
9. REVEL30
10. FREE30
11. RIDE50
14. NIGEL20
18. ETHANJ1894

These promos are valid for 3-12 months depending on the code so even if they don’t have service in your area yet, save it to your account and hope they begin service in your area before the codes expire.

This deal was suppose to stay exclusively for our Elite Members but it seems to somehow have leaked out tonight to the internet so we’re now posting it publicly.

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  1. Strange, it showed me error code for most of them but when i went to my account i had $200 in credits! Thx TJB!

    • Looks like several big cities as of now but doesnt hurt adding in case it comes to your city. Most codes are 6 months until it expires

  2. Admin, is this something we can be patient with because it’ll be honored or should we use the rides asap because they may cancel it?

    • Revel just sent me an email that they will honor all these promo codes until 12/31/2022. I have a feeling it was guerilla marketing and they purposely leaked all these codes.

  3. Hope this helps for android users: When entering the codes on android, when the blue box turns grey, wait about 20 seconds before going back and putting in the next code

  4. Just make sure to enter the refferal code during the signup process to maximize the credits

  5. $490 Now! Don’t want to sound greedy but want to figure out how to get the last $20

  6. Not sure how everyone got 510….Some codes are coming up invalid. I only got 410…any other codes out there then what’s currently listed?

  7. Just used it for a ride and used the credit with no problem. The app was a little glitchy when ordering it but worked like a charm!

    $443 remaining!

  8. Recap of my ride: Like one of the comments above, the app was a bit laggy when booking a ride but besides that, worked like a charm. Was my first time in a Tesla and it was very comfortable.
    Will be very helpful with all those credits remaining.
    Just a note for those who do this as well. You will not be able to book a ride from someone else like we can do with Uber. Revel is entirely app and location based

  9. Revel is sending out emails to customers now about these promo codes and how they went viral. They said they will honor all the promo codes, however they will all expire on 12/31/22. Here is a copy of the email I just received from them:

    Well, that was crazy – a bunch of our promo codes went viral this week. While it was completely unexpected, we’re happy you’re here!

    You’re probably wondering what happens now. Yes, we’re going to honor the ride credit in your account until it expires on 12/31/22.

    So you’ve got some free credit – still need convincing? Revel Rideshare is similar to the black & pink apps on your phone, but our cars are electric and our drivers are full-time employees.

    Thanks for giving us a try. We hope you’re excited to ride!
    – The Revel Team

    P.S. Due to increased demand, wait times may be longer than usual over the next few weeks.

  10. Please post this publicly that everyone should check their app daily and vote to get Revel in their neihgborhood!
    Hopefully they do it before dec 31.

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